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Car Exterior Products

Autocare provide quality car exterior products to suit a wide variety of vehicle makes to garages, mechanics and individuals in Leinster.

Installing car wind deflectors in your vehicle helps air flow smoothly through your vehicle as your travel and keeps loud noises to a minimum when driving with windows open.

At Autocare, we have L plates and P plates to ensure learner drivers and newly qualified drivers are given extra room on roads resulting in greater road safety. Ask about our range today.

Our range of wheel trims available to buy include those that have been created with styling and modifications in mind, catering to those looking for stylish and practical fixes for their desired wheel trims.

Across our eight dedicated locations in Leinster, Autocare stock a wide range of car exterior products to suit every client's requirements. We take great pride in connecting our customers to the products they need.

Ask about our range of wind deflectors, L plates and wheel trims

Car Exterior Products

We provide clients in Leinster with a huge range of car exterior products to suit a wide variety of vehicle makes, including:

Car Exterior Products

  • Car aerials

  • Complete car covers

  • L plates

  • Number plate fixings

  • P plates

  • Safe fuelling devices

  • Travel accessories

  • Tyre valve caps

  • Wheel trims

  • Wind deflectors

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