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Car Cleaning Products

Autocare stock a huge collection of quality car cleaning products to help garages, mechanics and private individuals in Leinster keep their cars looking clean inside and out.

Our range is suitable for all your practical needs, whether you are an experienced valet looking to expand your car cleaning products collection or a DIY car cleaner in a domestic setting.

The comprehensive range of cleaning products available at Autocare means we have the perfect product for all kinds of vehicles. From car polish and shampoo, to car oil, anti-freeze and lubricants, our expert team will connect you to the products you need.

As well as having specialist polishes and waxes, we also have power washer and other maintenance machines that are suitable to use on vehicles, driveways, garages, patios and gardens.

All our cleaners and consumables are available at the lowest price to help you maintain the aesthetic of your vehicle. Contact the dedicated team of cleaning experts at Autocare and we will connect you to the right cleaning products every time.

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